Biodiesel Malaysia

Malaysia biodiesel, composting & biogas from services grease trap

We are mastering this technology for 15 years. We hope and looking for gavorment or private company to Join Venture exploit it to worldwide country for this Renewable Energy.

Face Mask

Package Travel

Ego Setinggi Gunung

The new norms so that together we can fight COVID 19

Simply K 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask Unboxing Plus little experiment

Today New KahShop live steamer will introduce Simply K Ultra Soft Disposable Face Mask, and do some little experiment to test the face mask. Thank you for watching

[首次开箱] Simply K 医用口罩,开箱 + 小测试

口罩牌子繁多, 可是有些牌子的口罩质量和功用都不一定抵挡的了新冠肺炎,今天我们给您带来了 Simply K 医用三层口罩的开箱视频还有三个常见的小实验,看看质量是否达标 谢谢大家的观看与支持 关注我们和点击小铃铛, 我们会给你带来更多的资讯

Simply K Unboxing + Little Experiment

Today Ours Youtuber Live Steamer sofie will open SimplyK 3 Layer Disposable Medical Face Mask, to discover how it is inside look like, and testing with 3 little experiment on the medical mask.


Nitrile Grove Malaysia grade A and grade B

Nitrile Grove Malaysia grade A and grade B By Kualiti Alam Hijau (M) Sdn Bhd

Glove machine and process

Glove machine and process by Kualiti Alam Hijau (M) Sdn BHd

Grease Trap

Automatic Grease Trap

Traditional passive grease traps simply slow the flow of wastewater to allow it to cool and separate into 3 layers; FOG, solids and clear water. The FOG forms a “grease mat” at the top of the unit and solids either accumulate at the bottom of the unit or collect inside a strainer which is located just after the inlet. The clear water escapes via the outlet. Automatic systems, also known as AGRU’s (automatic grease removal units), perform many of the same operations as a manual grease trap. Much like a manual system the flow of wastewater is slowed to allow it to cool and separate though automatic systems almost always feature the addition of a removable strainer basket for solids collection. This means the wastewater inside the unit will mainly contain FOG with only small amounts of solid waste escaping the strainer and settling at the bottom of the unit.

How to setup Auto Dosing Unit (ADU) Program

This video is to use for how to setup Auto Dosing Unit (ADU) Program, it can help you are able to setup yourself.

Grease trap installation company

A grease trap (also known as grease interceptor, grease recovery device, grease capsule and grease converter) is a plumbing device (a type of trap) designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system.

Pasang perangkap minyak Selangor untuk mendapat lesen niaga

Semua pemilik premis makanan perlu mematuhi syarat diwajibkan dengan memasang perangkap minyak bagi mengelakkan sisa makanan dan minyak dibuang ke longkang. Semua pengusaha premis makanan di setiap pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) wajib menyediakan perangkap minyak sebagai syarat kelulusan lesen

Permasangan Perangkap Minyak Bawah Sinki

Grease Trap Cleaning

Why Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance Is Important

Why Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance Is Important If you own a restaurant or other establishment with a commercial kitchen, it’s very important that you keep your grease trap cleaned. These large kitchens produce a huge amount of food every day, and that means they also produce a large amount of grease. If you don’t clean out this grease on a regular basis, a number of horrible things can happen. Here are a few of the reasons why grease trap cleaning and maintenance is important. It Smells All of the grease that builds up in your grease trap will eventually start to smell. It is, after all, a food byproduct, and anything related to food will start to rot and smell over time. As the grease breaks down in your trap, it starts to release an odor that will make your kitchen smell horribly. That smell can even spread out into the restaurant itself, making your customers think twice about eating there. uct, and anything related to food will start to rot and smell over time. As the grease breaks down in your trap, it starts to release an odor that will make your kitchen smell horribly. That smell can even spread out into the restaurant itself, making your customers think twice about eating there. It Makes Cleaning More Difficult The longer you wait to clean out your grease trap, the more difficult it will be to do once you do clean it. The grease and other gunk at the bottom of the trap will harden and stick to the walls of the tank, making it very difficult to scrape off. When it reaches that point, your only hope may be to call in a professional grease trap cleaning service. It Damages Your Pipes and the Grease Trap Itself All of that built-up grease can cause a number of issues to the tank and the connected pipes. As the food begins to rot, it releases a number of gases. These gases can form into sulfuric acid, a toxic substance that can damage many different materials, including concrete and steel. While plastic grease traps may hold up longer, they will eventually begin to break down, too.

Services Grease Trap undersink

Services Grease Trap undersink

Pipeline Inspection System *New High Technology*

We had upgraded our new high technology equipment for checking Pipeline and Sewerage Blockage accuracy, We can put the camera inside the pipeline or sewerage for explore the blockage object first before we clean the blockage object inside the pipeline or sewerage.

GPT Services Malaysia

Gross pollutant control plays an important role in stormwater management. From targeting visual contaminants such as plastic, litter, leaves or oils, to pre-treatment of sediments prior to filtration devices, ponds or wetlands, Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT's) are a cost-effective way to reduce your site’s contaminant loadings and extend system maintenance frequencies. Choose options for pre-treatment or retrofit to target litter, oil and sediment loadings. Check out our range of GPT's to select an option for your requirements. Call for GPT services area Malaysia, also provide suppply and install.

cleaning pantry grease trap


Chemical free sanitizing
Chemical Free Sanitizing 💞

For office, household, kindergarten, school, hotel, factory, restaurant and for your loved ones 🥺

🚩 For enquiry kindly whatapss me, stop 🦠 Coronavirus Spread

✅ No need for harmful chemicals
✅ Avoid damage or burning 🔥 sanitizing by alcohol
✅ Dry steam up to 135C kill covid-19 and 99.9% bactarial
✅ Clean upholstery and carpets efficiently with minimal dry time
✅ Suitable for reataurant kitchen
✅ Clean hard to reach areas, nooks and crannies
✅ Increased sanitation (reaches into cracks and crevices)
✅ Remove stains, Odors, Grease, bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi
✅ An Eco-friendly 🌱 Solution for commercial restaurant and hotel
✅ Quick dry-time
✅ Come with titanium dioxide treatment, able to protect 🕓 365 days from virus

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